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Ariel Sassoon

Working with Devin and Ariel was a pleasure. They put together a beautiful presentation of the apartment, and furnished showings on a regular basis, after our previous tenure on market was unsuccessful. They were persistent and diligent throughout the process, keeping us regularly informed on their progress toward reaching a successful sale. Once the apartment entered contract, their work continued as they guided the purchasers through the detailed co-op board approval process and closing with great professionalism. We would highly recommend working with this team to list your home.

Lisa & Isaac Oved | President of Oved Apparel

Devin and Ariel have assisted me in two purchases in new Condo Developments. I was a first time buyer in Manhattan and I was looking for a potential investment property to either rent out or have my family enjoy during their NY visits.… They were helpful, concise, and thorough throughout this process. They made an international purchaser like myself feel very comfortable that I was in capable hands to be sure my purchases were met with ease and carefully informed consieration. The first property I purchased has served as a successful first investment, which they rented immediately after placing on the market. They located a second opportunity for me in a beautiful new development in the Flatiron district and we are set to close in December of 2018. They are diligent, always available and I would highly recommend others to work with them in locating a property to purchase.

Stephen Jen | Foreign Exchange Strategist & Partner at SLJ Macro Partners LLP

Ariel & Devin did a terrific job in helping me find and secure my home. They got to know me and really understood what I was looking for. They educated me on the process, and helped me understand the benefits of a condo versus a co-op. Ariel & Devin were patient with me and did not rush the process until we found the perfect fit. If you want to find the right home, you can’t go wrong working with the LS Team, as they are very personable, educated and extremely hard working. I highly recommend them for all your real estate needs.

Cesar Sassoon | Maxxima LED Lighting

Ariel Sassoon was the broker for the sale of my apartment at 340 east 64th street. He worked tirelessly, professionally, and diligently throughout the entire process. What should have been a relatively easy sale, became quite complicated, when just before the initial contract was signed, the building had a major brick facade collapse. Undaunted, he continued to show the apartment week after week, until a deal was consummated, at the original contract price. My attorney and I were extremely impressed with Ariel. There were no lies nor hyperboles; just honesty and a man really willing to do more than what was expected. I would certainly use him again, and recommend him without reservation. He is way above the rest.

Steve Stein

I worked with Ariel and Devin recently, as they had an exclusive on renting my apartment in Midtown. Over the many years that I have rented this property, I worked with quite a few brokers, and I can say without any reservations that they are the finest and best I have seen. The work ethic is exceptional, and their knowledge of the real estate market and how to close a deal truly is admirable. They guided me through the process from beginning to end, and made it all seem effortless and quick, which I greatly appreciated. I cannot recommend this team enough, and I welcome the opportunity to work with them again.

Avner A | Carnegie Hall Musical Composer

Working with Ariel and Devin was an absolute pleasure. After having our apartment on the market for almost 5 months with no offers close to the asking price, we knew we had to turn it over to the experts. We were very skeptical about what any other broker could do that our previous one couldn't, but the LS Team team proved us wrong. Within days we had an offer over asking. They had a thoughtful strategy that they implemented and got our apartment sold. We highly recommend this team!

Sasha & Gene Salamon | Managing Partner at Three Bridges Capital

What can I say about working with Devin & Ariel that is not already true? Record price for my apartment and in the building, exceptional expertise and service! There really is no reason to NOT work with this team for all your real estate needs.

James Esposito | Executive Director, Wells Fargo

Working with Devin and Ariel was a pleasure. They adapted to the different opportunities to sell my unit together with the owner next door. They were persistent and diligent throughout the process supporting the buyer go through the board process and other complications. They executed both transactions with clients living abroad which demonstrates their knowledge and ability to serve clients from around the world. I would highly recommend working with this team to list your home.

Represented Seller - 718 Broadway

Devin and his team took over the sale of my property in 2019. It previously sat on the market for several years on and off the market from 2014-2017 and it was unable to sell with another broker during this period. When I revisited the idea of selling the property, Devin was able to communicate a successful plan of action to sell the property and did successfully under difficult circumstances with a tenant I had in the unit. He was accessible and knowledgeable and followed through with what he has promised me. He was able to successfully sell my property and navigate the entire process all while I was oversees. He also put me in touch with a legal and accounting team that we instrumental in the successful sale. I would recommend hiring Devin and his team if they are truly interested in selling their property as they are relentless in their efforts until the job is done.

- Giovanna Cipriani – Seller of 8-A at 718 Broadway

Devin Hugh Leahy

We found working with Devin and Ariel a complete pleasure. They guided us through the entire sale process, from making sure the apartment was well positioned, to showing the apartment to prospective buyers, to working with us on negotiation and closure. Throughout the process they were thoughtful in their assessment and recommendations, and we really appreciated their counsel. We'd highly recommend them and would definitely work with them again.

Yao Chew & Yu-Im Loh

It has been my sincere pleasure to work with Devin and Ariel to successfully sell my apt. Over the course of our work they earned my trust and confidence - they operate intelligently and with methodical discipline while being very sensitive to the owner's needs and input. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell RE. I've worked with multiple RE agents in the past - they usually tell you what you want to hear and quickly run out of ideas when the market isn't working in your favor... Devin and Ariel based their strategy on reviewing all the stats available and were unwilling to recommend a change in strategy until they had confirmed the reason and direction for the change. we worked during a very difficult RE market and managed to sell the apt within only a few months! (less than half the average time of comparable luxury units spent on the market), and I am grateful!

- Shamaya Gilo

Devin is a superstar. He has the desire of an agent who just started in the industry, but the skillset of a seasoned veteran. I was looking to purchase my first apartment and was convinced that the only neighborhood I wanted to live in was Lenox Hill. After seeing our first unit together Devin sent over a dozen other listings with a similar criteria to review. He listened to everything I had to say, absorbed my feedback, and within a week pushed me to see an apartment on the other side of the city in the West Village! I ended up signing a contract shortly thereafter, and I’m still thrilled with my decision a year later. Devin fought hard for me during the negotiation process and put me in touch with all the necessary vendors. Most importantly, he conducted himself with the highest level of class and integrity the entire time.

Josh Sasouness | Founder & CEO Dwight Capital

Working with Devin and Ariel has been extremely fruitful and beneficial to our real estate portfolio. Not only do we work with the LS Team for our personal real estate acquisitions but also our real estate investment side. We own a mix-use building in Lenox Hill on the East Side and Devin has guided us on all facets. Devin rents the units quickly, he always achieves top market rent and orchestrates the whole process. He also has a knack for finding amazing and pleasant tenants. Our real estate company, M&H Associates also benefits from Devin's deep knowledge of the industry and market. LS Team doesn't just conduct the transactions; they educate and hold your hand throughout the entire process. We've worked with other brokers before and never yielded the results and knowledge we do with the LS Team. We also love working with the LS Team for our personal real estate needs. Whether it's selling, buying or renting, their process for acquiring real estate is equally as effective and successful. Due to the high success we've experienced with the LS Team, we'd only work with them for our real estate needs.

Sam Schinderman | President of Ann-Morris Inc.
Managing Agent of M&H Associates Real Estate Holdings

My Husband and I were first time buyers in Manhattan and were going back and forth between the idea of renting and buying a property. We had recently found out that we were going to be displaced from the home which our family had been in for years. Devin assisted us throughout the process offering guidance and insight into the market. We ended up purchasing a property which we were able to purchase with the help of Devin and Ariel’s guidance. )

Florencia Vazquez | Director of Operations for Manolo Blahnik
Maurizio Bacci | Professional Photographer

I have grown up with Devin and I consider him one of my closest friends. I have never purchased a property in Manhattan and he was professional and insightful throughout the process. There were several occasions in the negotiation process that could have potentially ended the deal in disappointment. However, Devin was able to secure the property for me for much less than I anticipated buying it for. I ended up saving over $500,000 through his careful guidance and approach with the deal. Needless to say, I have recommended this team to several of my friends, families, and work associates. )

Giuseppe and Ignazio Cipriani | Owners and Operators of a Cipriani USA and Mr. C Hotels

Devin has worked with us on the rental side and represented us on our first purchase. We ended up purchasing a property and closing in a timely fashion so we were able to move in and begin enjoying our new home directly after being married. Devin was insightful, thoughtful and diligent throughout the process and we enjoyed our time working with him. Like any large decision it is important to feel as though you are working with someone who has your best interest in mind and we are certain that Devin very much set on making sure that we were making an economically sound decision while also making sure we were purchasing a property that all parties involved would be happy with.

Lara and Charlie Boutwell | Senior Associate, Atlas Capital Group

We chose to work with Devin and Ariel, as they were referred to us by our Daughter. After meeting with their team we decided to go to market in the winter of 2017. We were uncertain of market conditions. However, we trusted their advice and went back on market for sale after several years without finding a buyer. After hiring this team, we entered into contract after only 36 days on market! We would strongly encourage the hiring of this team to anyone interested in selling their property.

Angelina Fiordellisi | Owner and Director of Cherry Lane Theaters
Matt Williams | Creator & Executive Producer of Roseanne, Home Improvement, The Cosby Show & The Blues Brothers

We hired Devin and Ariel to represent us on the sale of our 3 Bedroom property in the West Village, as our previous broker was unsuccessful in the process. Devin and Ariel sold themselves as ‘re-positioning and marketing experts’ and were very straightforward with what they believed the property to be valued at, based on clear and concise information about the market’s performance with listings at this price-point. 35 days into our listing tenure, we entered contract in an otherwise volatile real estate market, which made thus process a but uncertain for us….We made the right decision in working with this team. They offer a solution through creative marketing during a questionable time in the market.

Kristen and Andrew Goldman | Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

Diligent preparation, enthusiastic communication and comfortably aggressive. Came up with a game plan, hit the go button, and the apartment was rented out the first day it hit the market. Flawlessly executed. They aren’t just brokers, it’s an experience.

Charlotte & Parker Williams | CEO of Wheelhouse Media



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